Our Team

We come from all
over the world

When you work with us, you gain access to one united crew, a team of friendly and talented digital and design professionals.

We love what we do. Our approachable and dependable team have the insight to know what you need and the technical skills to make it happen.

Webtech Co-Founder & Director

Super perfectionist, technology driver

Majority Shareholder

Sleep expert, lover of treats, mmhm did someone say treats?

Accounts Manager

Passionate about client account management services, Julie takes care of the accounts recievable & payable.

Web Developer

Izzy is our superstar web developer

Digital Media & Photographer

Creative thinker, shoots people for a living; Nathan takes care off all the digital images and video required for our website builds.

Web Designer

Lover of dogs and good design

Developer / Software

Ben is our senior developer that takes care of custom backend intergations and API development work.

Digital Marketing

Tamara is our Google Ads Guru and marketing expert!

Graphic Designer

Design Philosophy

‘Simple yet functional’

I believe in a simple design solution which is functional, Lakhi is our all round graphic designer.

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